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Marketing & PR Concept

Don’t waste time and money on „trial and error” marketing. With an extensive Marketing and PR Concept we help you to get more presence and to attract more patients.

Although we have created many concepts in the past years, each of our clients has his own challenges, restrictions and requirements. That’s why each concept has to be tailor-made in order to meet the individual needs and expectations of our clients and their businesses. Despite the fact that all concepts are different and tailor-made, they all have one thing in common, they profit from beckwerk’s broad experience, network and knowledge.

Preparation and Analysis

The first step is always a personal meeting with our clients. Scope of this meeting is to review your marketing activities of the past and to see which goals you would like to achieve in the future. After this we will analyze your measures taken so far, the business environment you are in as well as your competition. Based on this information we will evaluate together with you and your team the USP (unique selling proposition), which differentiate your company or services from the competition. Once this is done, we can evaluate the right way to promote this properly, which includes the choice of the appropriate media and of course the definition of a reasonable and suitable budget.

Action plan

Considering all these factors will result in your detailed action plan which will be always focused on your individual needs in terms of target group, business environment, competition and of course the agreed budget. Our basis for Healthcare Marketing are the six fundamental building blocks:

  • Professional Referral Marketing
  • Branding
  • External Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Internet Marketing


Normally our action plan is covering a 12 month time line. Within this time the defined measures should be implemented. Many of our customers like us to do this on behalf of them and of course we are more than happy to do so also for you.

Do you wish to get your own Marketing and PR Concept soon? Call us for a first free consultation:

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